Month: August 2018

Why is Mary Such A Good Mother?

Our enemy, Satan, is terrified of our Good Mother Mary. Why is this the case, and why do we honor her so highly? Mary is such a good mother to us, and inviting her into our life will bring us closer to her son, Jesus Christ. As St. Maximillian Kolbe says, “Never be afraid of…
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Chastity = Freedom, Ft. Randall Tan

We are not the sum of our desires and our identity is not rooted in a sexual preference. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, had an identity crisis after the fall. How do we reclaim our identity in light of the Gospel and in light of JPII’s Theology of the Body? Join us for this…
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Everybody’s A Critic!

Is it easier to talk about someone’s virtue or vices? After the first sin, Adam and Eve looked at each other differently and related differently. Unfortunately, that means we often partake in detraction and calumny. What does that mean and how can we build each other up instead? Join us for this week’s podcast as…
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Analysis Paralysis: Making Decisions, feat. Kyle Glaüner

On today’s episode we welcome Kyle Glaüner, one of the youth leaders here at Mount Carmel, to speak about feeling paralyzed by all the many decisions of life and how to make prudent choices!

Why Fear the Lord?

Are we supposed to be scared of Jesus? If not, why does the Bible tell us that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom? There must be more to the story. Join us in this episode as we try to unravel what fearing the Lord really means and why it might…
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