Month: November 2018

I Will Wait

Joyful anticipation. Oxymoron? We think not. Join Austin, his brother Luke and Seminarian Anthony as they discuss the “advents” in our lives and how to enter into them properly.

Praying Alone or in Community? Feat: Tim Bransford

There are so many “ways to pray” but what are some of the distinctions and should we pray alone more or in community more? Tim Bransford, a parishioner at OLMC joins Tina and Austin in this lively conversation about prayer.

Get Uncomfortable, Feat. Sean Forrest

Ken and Austin have a conversation with musician, missionary, and Catholic speaker Sean Forrest about entering into uncomfortable situations for the sake of the Gospel. Sean started a beautiful ministry in Haiti and has been avidly sharing the Gospel around the U.S. encouraging listeners to “Enter In.” This lively conversation is sure to offer a…
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Becoming Whole: Feat. Fr. John David

How can I be a good person when I’ve done x, y or z? If we have done something bad, does that make us a bad person? No, but the fact that we can feel that way leads us to recognize that perhaps we desire a deeper sense of wholeness.

Death Where Is Your Sting? Feat: Fr. Nick Redmond

On this show, we talk all about death. Not a topic we usually feel like discussing, but one that is critical. Fr. Nick talks about the Church Militant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Triumphant. How do you feel about death? Let us know in the comments!