Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

The stations of the cross are really like a little pilgrimage we can take in our own local church. Just contemplating and reflecting on the journey of Christ in his last moments before he was crucified.

Seminarian Kevin Riedel

Our Lives as Pilgrimage

By Ken White

In a typical workweek, I commute to work, run an errand to the grocery store, stop by the library, head home, visit the doctor’s office, go for a walk, take out the trash, move up and down stairs and attend Church with my family. My life is a constant series of journeys to and fro. As my family grows, so do my wanderings.  My life is a series of micro-journeys..

When I take a moment to rest and consider, I realize that these micro journeys are a mirroring of a much greater journey that I am a part of. My journey to heaven. My journey Home. There is a reason why it never seems like my task list is complete or errands never end. It’s because the greater journey isn’t over yet.

This is not our home. Our hearth is to rest in the Lord for eternity. In order to do that, we need to be pilgrims. We need to journey from one place, a life of woundedness and sin, to another, a life of grace and virtue. This happens throughout the length of our lives.

The Church, wisely, reminds us of this pilgrimage every Sunday. We get in the car, forgo worldly things, journey to the Church, and worship together. We are called by the Church to take Sundays as a day of rest. This day allows us to spend some time with the Lord and reminds us of our final destination.

If we take the time to worship and rest on Sunday, Monday may still bring its set of stressors but we will enter it as pilgrims who have a greater sense of why life is a constant journey. 

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