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Livin’ The Ascetical Dream

You are kicking out the crutches that you lean on everyday, so the only thing you can do is fall; and the only person who can pick you up is Our Lord. Andrew Minarik Check out the Exodus 90 program! Want to get started with Exodus 90? Shoot us an email! We’ll try to help…
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The Quiet Game

Be still and know that I am God, and there is emphasis on the ‘I am God’ part, right? Sister Anna Joseph, O.P.

Please…Tame Me!

One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. Spoken by the Fox in the story, “The Little Prince”

Getaway Time

God emptied himself into humanity; we too need to do the same thing. We need to empty ourselves of our humanity a little bit, so that when we enter into retreat, we can be filled with God’s divinity. Deacon Dave Reaves

Be Poor

We are all poor, even if we have money, no matter what your class, no matter what your situation, if you are rich, middle class or living in what we would consider poverty; we are all poor. We have to get in touch with that. We all lack something. Tina Wandersee

Intentional Social Media

Who are you, who are your mistakes? Your anger actually makes you who you are, too, and your sadness, that’s part of who you are, not just the smiles. Laura Powell Speaking of social media, you should check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

Resolutions Solutions

Be definite. Don’t let your resolutions be like fireworks that sparkle for a moment to leave behind as hard reality a blackened useless stub that one throws disgustedly away. St. Jose Maria Escriva Make a SMART goal! Consider making a monthly donation to the Vici Mundum Show in 2019!

CHRISTMAS: Truth is a Person

We live in a world in which truth is all head knowledge, but what is sort of startling about our faith is that truth is not about a set of ideas, it is not primarily a theological system or a philosophical system; truth is a person. Fr. John David Ramsey MERRY CHRISTMAS! From the Vici…
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Gifts! They’re Everywhere!

Something that taught me about being a good receiver is Christ on the cross. He gives up his life and he gives it to the Father; and the Father receives it, and if the Father didn’t receive that act, there wouldn’t be, really, any redemption. Tina Wandersee Speaking of gifts, did you know that you…
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You keep telling me that you’re struggling. Well I just don’t know if that’s such a bad thing.” Brother Isaiah, C.F.R. This song lyric by Brother Isaiah is the theme of this week’s show on the reality of struggling. We all have struggles in our lives, be they spiritual, emotional, relational or physical, and Brother…
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