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Livin’ The Ascetical Dream

You are kicking out the crutches that you lean on everyday, so the only thing you can do is fall; and the only person who can pick you up is Our Lord. Andrew Minarik Check out the Exodus 90 program! Want to get started with Exodus 90? Shoot us an email! We’ll try to help…
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Becoming Whole: Feat. Fr. John David

How can I be a good person when I’ve done x, y or z? If we have done something bad, does that make us a bad person? No, but the fact that we can feel that way leads us to recognize that perhaps we desire a deeper sense of wholeness.

Desires of the Flesh

Join Tina, Ken and Austin as they talk about the challenges of saying no to the desires of our flesh, and how we are to find freedom living life in the spirit. If we say no to cake today, does that mean we can never have cake again? This and other lies of the devil…
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Jesus Is Interested In Your Interests, Feat: Ben Fleser

Jesus loves us and will meet us wherever we are, and through whatever our interests are. Ben Fleser shares with us how Jesus met him through his interest in skateboarding and punk rock music. Now, Jesus uses those interests of his to bring Christ to others.

It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone. Feat: Andrew Minarik

Shortly after God made man, God gave Him a partner. There must be a reason we live in community, but sometimes, it is pretty tough to live with others. Andrew Minarik and Austin Farinholt discuss some of these challenges and the beauty of community life.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Praise and Worship can be great fun to listen to. But have you considered that praise and worship might offer more than just great tunes? On this episode, Natalie Cherry, a parishioner of OLMC, joins us and shares her story of how Praise and Worship music played a huge impact on her life, and offers…
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Everybody’s A Critic!

Is it easier to talk about someone’s virtue or vices? After the first sin, Adam and Eve looked at each other differently and related differently. Unfortunately, that means we often partake in detraction and calumny. What does that mean and how can we build each other up instead? Join us for this week’s podcast as…
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Analysis Paralysis: Making Decisions, feat. Kyle Glaüner

On today’s episode we welcome Kyle Glaüner, one of the youth leaders here at Mount Carmel, to speak about feeling paralyzed by all the many decisions of life and how to make prudent choices!

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

Anthony shares an experience he recently had when saving a turtle crossing a busy road with Ken! Surprisingly, this turtle taught him something about trusting God. Examen prayer Here is the examen prayer that Ken mentioned during the show! God, I believe that at this quiet moment I am in Your presence and You are…
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The To-do List Culture: Why Are We So Busy?

We’re constantly trying to be more efficient, get more things done, check off another line-item, find the next greatest time management application… but have we ever stopped to ask why we’re so busy in the first place? Ken and Austin chat about becoming more present to the people in our lives and finding life there!