Category: Vocation

The Healing is Real

If your faith is kind of wavering, just ask for it. Ask God, in prayer, for the gift of faith, and He gives it, in surprising ways. Fr. Nick Redmond

I Will Wait

Joyful anticipation. Oxymoron? We think not. Join Austin, his brother Luke and Seminarian Anthony as they discuss the “advents” in our lives and how to enter into them properly.

Chastity = Freedom, Ft. Randall Tan

We are not the sum of our desires and our identity is not rooted in a sexual preference. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, had an identity crisis after the fall. How do we reclaim our identity in light of the Gospel and in light of JPII’s Theology of the Body? Join us for this…
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Moana’s Vocation Story, feat. Corinne Riley

On today’s episode, we welcome Corinne Riley, Campus Minister at the University of Virginia, to chat about the Disney movie, Moana, and how it relates to discernment, vocation, and Catholic spirituality! Please subscribe to the podcast so that you receive new episodes as they come out! And of course, share the show with family and…
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A Promising Podcast, feat. Chris Masla

Chris Masla joins us in the Vici Mundum Show studio to talk to Austin, Anthony, and Ken about the promises men make when being ordained a deacon!